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Bright Children's Hospital Best pediatric hospitals- Top Children Hospitals In Vijayawada

Bright Children's Hospital is one of the best Children's hospital in vijayawada for providing comprehensive care for newborns and infants in a safe, efficient, and friendly environment. The pediatric intensive care unit at this Top Children's hospital provides specialist treatment to children with life-threatening illnesses, complex chronic conditions, or serious injuries. Our establishment also offers all necessary pediatric healthcare services such as Neonatology, Child Health Care, Pediatric Surgery and Protective Services. This Best Pediatric Hospitals in Vijayawada is an excellent resource to help parents determine their child’s diagnosis and how they can better treat it, thanks to its reputation as a premier provider of exceptional wellness services.

Bright Hospital one of the Best Children Hospital offer an extensive range of pediatric care services for children from birth. Our pediatric hospital in vijayawada services include prenatal and neonatal consultations, critical care in the form of neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and pediatric intensive care units (PICU), and 24X7 Emergency Services

Dr.Karthik / Dr.Srinivas

In our pediatric hospitals in vijayawada we have an experienced and trained team of neonatologists, pediatricians, pediatric intensivists, pediatric neurologists, pediatric orthopaedic surgeons, pediatric cardiologists, a pediatric psychologist and pediatric surgeons who will help you deliver the best possible experience for the patients. Bright Children's Hospital is one of the Best Pediatrics Hospitals in Vijayawada with experienced Pediatric Doctors. Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of General Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist.

500 Satisfied Patients
3 Certified Doctor
5 Winning Awards
12 Years Experience

Our Services


Pediatric Neurology

Bright Hospital Best children's hospital in vijayawada deal with the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions in neonates , infants, children, and adolescents.

Pediatric orthopedics

Pediatric Hospital in Vijayawada have Pediatric orthopedic doctors for treating children's joints, muscles, and bones.

Pediatric Surgery

In our Top Children Hospitals In Vijayawada we have Pediatric surgeons who are specialized and trained to do operations on neonates, infants, children, and young adults.

Pediatric Endocrinology

Best kids hospital in vijayawada deal with disorders of the endocrine glands, such as variations of physical growth in childhood, diabetes and many more.

Pediatric Nephrology

Our pediatric hospital in vijayawada specialized in the diagnosis and management of children with a variety of acute and chronic kidney-related disorders

Pediatric Cardiology

We have specialized Pediatric Cardiologist in Vijayawada specialized in diagnosing and treating heart problems in children

Pediatric Critical Care

We provide Pediatric healthcare services specialized 24/7 PICU and NICU Doctors to attend neonates and Children

Pediatric Nutrition

Having Hard time Feeding your Kids ? Pediatrics Doctors at best children's hospital in vijayawada are here to Help you

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Our Departments


In Our children's hospital all Departments are well Equipped with Latest Medical Technologies and Instruments that help us to diagnose any abnormalities. With a harmonious blend of advanced medical technology, highly skilled healthcare professionals, and a nurturing environment, Bright children hospital has emerged as a the best kids Hospital in Vijayawada for exceptional pediatric care. Whether it's routine check-ups, preventive care, or specialized treatments, bright children hospital is providing the Best Pediatric treatments in vijayawada.
Our pediatric hospitals in vijayawada has all of the latest medical technologies and instruments necessary to make a quick diagnosis of any abnormalities.We have a great team at Our pediatric and child care hospital , each of whom is specialized in their area and works hard at making sure our patients are treated with the best equipment available Discover the pinnacle of pediatric care in Vijayawada with our exceptional team of Best Child medical specialists in vijayawada. From infancy to adolescence, our experts provide compassionate and precise care for your little ones. Trust the best for your child's health and well-being. Excellence in pediatric care, right here in Vijayawada. .

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Our Doctors


Bright Children's Hospital have the best pediatric doctors who are available 24/7 to attend to your child's needs. Our doctors are specialized in a number of fields and continuously update their skills so that they can provide the latest developments in children's healthcare.


Dr. Karthik Reddy

MD Pediatrics IDPCCM Fellowship (PICU)


Dr. Srinivas Rekapalli

MD Pediatrics FNB Pediatric ICU (KKCTH, Chennai)


Dr. Deepthi Reddy


Our Testimonials

  • I have Consulted Dr. Srinivas for COVID treatment home isolation. His treatment was very Good and was very responsive and helped us in recovering all my 4 family members. I would like to give my Best recommendations to Dr. Srinivas.
    • - Murugendra Kumar
  • We are very happy with the care provided in Picu by doctors (D. rSrinivas, Dr. guru, Dr. Karthik) are very friendly and took great care our child, best hospital in Vijayawada I recommend it to everyone
    • - Venu Gopal K
  • I Consulted Dr. Srinivas in the critical stage of covid, he guided me well to come back to normal life and prescribed right medication at right time. He followed up daily 3-4 times on every symptom I have and treated well. He also provided me the complete diet plan to follow at the time of treatment and do's and don'ts for next 1-2 months.

    Thanks you very much for your time and help to bring back my life. Really appreciate...
    • - Madhu Sudhan
  • Many thanks to Dr. karthikand Dr. Srinivas. My son had a critical operation but doctors handled it very well. Good team, very friendly staff, well caring, I would recommend to all, the best hospital in Vijayawada
    • - Rajesh SH
  • I have always been visiting nori since my son was born there. But on my friends suggestion I took my son to Dr. Rekhapalli srinivas. The Way he spoke with my child and the way he cleared my doubts was really good. Thank you so much sir. He is the best pediatrician I have visited till date.
    • - Appu Hari
  • We Have brought the child to Hospital in Very serious condition, our daughter was immediately attended by Dr. Karthik garu and Started treatment in PICU in Very few time our daughter problem has been recognised (severe cardiac dysfunction). Very good quality care has been provided by Dr. srinivasgaru / Dr. Gurugaru & Dr. Karthikgaru, Dr. Vikram (ped. Cordiologist) has supported the team, our daughter has been on ventilator for 4 Days (life Support) and her condition was explained to us clearly. Dr. Nori garu & PICU team has treated our child like their own. Our daughter has now recovered well and discharged in very good condition. Many Thanks to Nori Doctors especially PICU team
    • - Durga Rao Gorrela